Friday, March 11, 2011

SPM Result/Earthquake

NST announced that results will come out on 23rd March.DAMN!....2 days before MGMT concert....

OH well,Life goes on anyway.

And yes,My prayers goes out to the people in Japan.Stay Strong and may God be with you during the trying times...:)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mcfly:RadioActive DVD:Live In Wembley

Say what you want about this dudes.But fact remains,They can really give you the best night fo your life.Now,in my case,Of course I can't I say I felt the same way coz' I only watched it through the dvd....but the atmosphere of the show is just WOW!!!!!!

Oh Yeah,Tom(The 1st vocalist/2nd guitarist) IS TOTALLY NOT FAT ANYMORE!!!! fact,he looked totally awesome in the DVD.That,in a way,gives me hope.Give me 2 or 3 years more,I maybe get smaller and will be rocking out Wembleys like him too....:).....I'm too dreamy now,huh?.....LOL......XD

Here's the setlist from the DVD:
1.One For The Radio
2.Everybody Knows
3.Going Through The Motion
8.Falling In Love
9.Star Girl
10.That Girl
11.Do Ya
12.Black Or White
13.Room On The 3rd Floor
14.All About You
15.The Last Song
17.Five Colours In Her Hair

Though it's really,really rare to find it in Rock Corner or other music shops,but if you found it,BUY IT!!!'s totally worth it.....:)....or you can just order it I did...:)

That's All for Now.Toodles..:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

All Time Low-Straight To DVD

I've waited for so long to post this one,and here I am now...:)

So,I've finally watched All Time Low's Straight To DVD,it was their live show that was recorded in New York with lots & lots of footage of how the dudes started and all.Pretty cool,actually.:)...Oh Yeah,I've also founded out that Zack Merrick(the bassist) reaffirmed his position in the band coz' he knows how to do a triple kickflip on the' shizz,man.....haha....XD

Throughout the whole DVD,I manage to learn a thing or two about playing in a band,something that I think(or at least I assumed) everyone knows but I 've never practiced in real life with my own band,and that is........PRACTICE EVERYDAY!!!!!......XD........they totally ruled when they first started.......and they even used METAL GUITARS to play PUNK SONGS!!!.....O.O....

Overall,I give the DVD a 8/10 rating.Coz' I just love how they actually do enjoy every single moment that were given to them while they're on tour....if they're not performing,they'll be busy riding skateboards,crap the hell outta each other & eat Jack Barakat's poop no matter how stinky is it........XD.....okay,I'm just kidding on the last one...but I think you guys get idea how they're doing...:)

Kudos to Alex,Jack,Rian & Zack for pulling off an awesome show.

Here are the setlist of the songs that played on the DVD:
1.Intro/Lost In Stereo
3.Break Your Little Heart
4.Six Feet Under The Stars
5.A Party Song
6.Jasey Rae
7.Poppin' Champagne
8.Remembering Sunday
10.Coffee Shop Soundtrack
12.Too Much
13.Damned if I do Ya
14.Dear Maria,Count Me In

Wow,ATL fans are really in for a treat if they buy the dvd.I know I did had a good time watching em'.

Songs that you reallcy checked out in the DVD:
1.Lost In Stereo
2.Damned If I Do Ya
3.Dear Maria Count Me In

Hope you guys have an awesome time watching it.


Monday, February 7, 2011


One of the thing that I promised myself to do after SPM is to watch lots & lots & lots of band's live DVD.And so far,I've chosen 3 that I'm gonna check for starters.

Here's my choice:
1.All Time Low-Straight To DVD
2.Mcfly-Radioactive Tour
3.Green Day-Bullet In A Bible

I'll post a review as soon as I watch each of em'....:)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011



I guess this is the time where everyone goes back to their hometown,enjoyed their yee sang,seeing the faces that sometimes they don't even know that they existed.And don't forget,LOTS & LOTS OF ANGPOWS.....:D:D:D:D.....I have a good feeling most of my friends who celebrates are paying the tab next time we're hanging out......:P

So,I've been told that this year is the year of Rabbit?And this goes for those who born in 1951,1963,1975,1987 & 1999.

WAIT?!.1963 & 1999?That's my dad's & lil bro's year of Birth.....=D

Here are some of the characteristics of the people who were born in that year:
1.They are articulated,talented & ambitious.
2.They are also virtuous,reserved & have excellent taste.
3.Rabbit People are admired,trusted & often financially lucky.
4.Very clever at business & a good gambler.(HMM?!...Dad & Lil Bro?GAMBLER?)
5.They have an uncanny gift of choosing the right thing.

Sounds like them all right...haha.....XD
To everyone who's reading this,I wanna wish you guys a Happy Chinese New Year.:)


Sunday, January 30, 2011


Seriously,I need to get my habits of being late for everything to an end.

For this month,I've been late for:
1.Band Practice
2.Football Training
3.Prayers.....:'(...(This upsets me the most)

Could it be a post-SPM hangover?I mean like,I'm totally lifeless after the exam and I seem to forgot what's the things that I've been planning to do since like the beginning of 2010.

Procrastinating is something that's been diluted fully in my blood and no,I am so not liking it.....:(
I'm truly lucky that my friends & family is able to put up with my attiude.Gosh,I surely do not want to make em' pissed off.

Oh yeah,I'm acting/sound like/feeling like an insecure piece of shit right now....hopefully some awesome things will happen pretty soon.....*keeping my fingers crossed for this one*...:D


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Library's Launch

My bro was invited to perform at the opening of Library at IOI Boulevard.And when I heard that free beers & liquors were served..I knew that the place is gonna be really packed for the night.

Saw some very familiar faces and even said hello to em,for example Cindy,Meor(Vocalist of Oh Chentaku),and DJ Roundhead,emcee for the night.

But most of the time I hanged out with my ex-schoolmates/seniors,Kai Shin & Xue Jen,and their friend which surprisingly understand all the lame crap that I said.....XD

Here are some of the pics from the launching.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I think everybody knows that I post random headliners for my blog posts by now.And I'll only do that for 2 reasons:

1.I love it
2.I (seriously) have no idea what to put as a headliner...XD

You know,in a way,I kinda miss school.Coz' I love the feeling when I can always keep myself preoccupied and just do whatever things I want and not think too much about being an adult.But then,some juniors in my school told me that...

1.Cancelled Merentas Desa
2.Cancelled Marching(WHAT THE FISH?!)
3.Still putting the ban on Badminton during PE.......ARGH!!!

So much for fun in school eh?Oh yeah,before I forget,one thing I realised is that
:the form 1s this year is shorter than the ones last year.....and the year before....:P
Photo of the day:Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Bassist,Flea.
just imagine that:He rocked out more than 100000 people that night,he has one of the most powerful fingers when it comes to bass playing and yet,he only wears his underwear on stage.....haha....XD

Till then,Toodles....:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


YOU DON'T?!....WHAT'SA MATTER WITH YOU......>< Guess what,MGMT IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!!!!!......WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!....*I'll scream,jump,do an acrobatic stunt and ended injuring my biggie butt*....XD And you bet that I've got the tickets for their show.Some people told me to go for either Justin Bieber or Maroon 5 but these dudes really stands out on my list of performers that I just must see live.

And the best part is ..........HIDAYAH's COMING ALONG!!!!...:D:D:D:D......Nazierah told me that she's getting her tix but I haven't confirmed whether she's going or not.And more good news for myself,I'M GETTING MY DRIVING LICENSE PRETTY SOON........and that means,I get to drive to the concert later on......well,hopefully.....keeping my fingers crossed for now....:)

This is one of their photos taken back in the days when they first started....or at least I like to think so....HAHA........these Brooklyn,NY based band is one thing that I'm totally looking forward to in 2011....:D

HO YEAH!!!!......and that's a photo of my ticket for the concert......totally can't wait for em' to come here.....:D:D:D:D:D

I heard that Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Bruno MArs is coming to Malaysia too.Dream come true?YOU BET......:D.....but I sure pokai lah after this....><