Thursday, February 10, 2011

All Time Low-Straight To DVD

I've waited for so long to post this one,and here I am now...:)

So,I've finally watched All Time Low's Straight To DVD,it was their live show that was recorded in New York with lots & lots of footage of how the dudes started and all.Pretty cool,actually.:)...Oh Yeah,I've also founded out that Zack Merrick(the bassist) reaffirmed his position in the band coz' he knows how to do a triple kickflip on the' shizz,man.....haha....XD

Throughout the whole DVD,I manage to learn a thing or two about playing in a band,something that I think(or at least I assumed) everyone knows but I 've never practiced in real life with my own band,and that is........PRACTICE EVERYDAY!!!!!......XD........they totally ruled when they first started.......and they even used METAL GUITARS to play PUNK SONGS!!!.....O.O....

Overall,I give the DVD a 8/10 rating.Coz' I just love how they actually do enjoy every single moment that were given to them while they're on tour....if they're not performing,they'll be busy riding skateboards,crap the hell outta each other & eat Jack Barakat's poop no matter how stinky is it........XD.....okay,I'm just kidding on the last one...but I think you guys get idea how they're doing...:)

Kudos to Alex,Jack,Rian & Zack for pulling off an awesome show.

Here are the setlist of the songs that played on the DVD:
1.Intro/Lost In Stereo
3.Break Your Little Heart
4.Six Feet Under The Stars
5.A Party Song
6.Jasey Rae
7.Poppin' Champagne
8.Remembering Sunday
10.Coffee Shop Soundtrack
12.Too Much
13.Damned if I do Ya
14.Dear Maria,Count Me In

Wow,ATL fans are really in for a treat if they buy the dvd.I know I did had a good time watching em'.

Songs that you reallcy checked out in the DVD:
1.Lost In Stereo
2.Damned If I Do Ya
3.Dear Maria Count Me In

Hope you guys have an awesome time watching it.


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