Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mcfly:RadioActive DVD:Live In Wembley

Say what you want about this dudes.But fact remains,They can really give you the best night fo your life.Now,in my case,Of course I can't I say I felt the same way coz' I only watched it through the dvd....but the atmosphere of the show is just WOW!!!!!!

Oh Yeah,Tom(The 1st vocalist/2nd guitarist) IS TOTALLY NOT FAT ANYMORE!!!! fact,he looked totally awesome in the DVD.That,in a way,gives me hope.Give me 2 or 3 years more,I maybe get smaller and will be rocking out Wembleys like him too....:).....I'm too dreamy now,huh?.....LOL......XD

Here's the setlist from the DVD:
1.One For The Radio
2.Everybody Knows
3.Going Through The Motion
8.Falling In Love
9.Star Girl
10.That Girl
11.Do Ya
12.Black Or White
13.Room On The 3rd Floor
14.All About You
15.The Last Song
17.Five Colours In Her Hair

Though it's really,really rare to find it in Rock Corner or other music shops,but if you found it,BUY IT!!!'s totally worth it.....:)....or you can just order it I did...:)

That's All for Now.Toodles..:)

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