Sunday, January 30, 2011


Seriously,I need to get my habits of being late for everything to an end.

For this month,I've been late for:
1.Band Practice
2.Football Training
3.Prayers.....:'(...(This upsets me the most)

Could it be a post-SPM hangover?I mean like,I'm totally lifeless after the exam and I seem to forgot what's the things that I've been planning to do since like the beginning of 2010.

Procrastinating is something that's been diluted fully in my blood and no,I am so not liking it.....:(
I'm truly lucky that my friends & family is able to put up with my attiude.Gosh,I surely do not want to make em' pissed off.

Oh yeah,I'm acting/sound like/feeling like an insecure piece of shit right now....hopefully some awesome things will happen pretty soon.....*keeping my fingers crossed for this one*...:D


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